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Time is a constant

May 2nd, 2015 | Posted by jmorris in website - (Comments Off)

The internet is great, you can spend hours using it to be massively productive, or you could spend hours looking at pictures of cats wishing they had thumbs. Both are reasonable uses of time. But as (not in order of importance) academic, archaeologist, zooarchaeologist, lecturer, husband, father, reader, walker, sometimes runner and sci-fi lover, time is not really something I have to spare. Time moves on even if we don’t and therefore the internet can be a real problem. It has many great tools for communicating my research, but the more sites I join, the more my research progresses the more time I have to spend updating the numerous sites. Therefore I’ve decided to just stick to the one which is the quickest and puts me in contact with the highest number of people. Weirdly that isn’t my own website, but my page. Therefore this is a longwinded way (wasting some time) to explain why this website is now empty. If you wish to find out more about my current research please click the below link to visit my academia page, which i have time to date, unlike this website.